Conversations on the way home


On the walk home from work this morning, wearing my scrubs.

Citizen – Excuse me, are you a doctor?
Me – (expecting a question about a rash) Yes.
Citizen – There is a guy over there that might need help.
Me – Where, that guy over there across the street? ( pointing to man pictured above)
Citizen – Yeah him, are you going to do something?
Me – No
Citizen – What do you mean, he looks like he might be in trouble?
Me – I can tell he’s not dead from here, which means he’s fine.
Citizen – Are you sure?
Me – Yes, either he’s fine, or it’s an amazing coincidence that he’s not been fine each of the last three nights and somehow wound up in that exact same spot on each of same nights.
Citizen – Oh…
Me – Look, he doesn’t want to go to the hospital, we don’t particularly want him to come to the hospital. He’s fine, so what ever you do, DON’T call an ambulance. Understand?
Citizen – I think so… Um… Thanks.

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  1. Not even a fully fledged er doc and i love you already! Come to work in az.

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