Mini Rant on Healthcare

Part of the problem  is that people have the expectation of a “right to healthcare”. Where exactly did this expectation come from? That, regardless of your active participation in your own health, once you have any sort of problem, you should expect to have all means and measures brought to bear against your illness, regardless of your ability to pay or even contribute to it. No other profession has this unrealistic set of expectations. There are no rights to a good haircut, no rights no a nicely trimmed lawn. So where exactly does this basis for a right to healthcare come from? Law? You DO have a right to an attorney if accused of a crime. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. But guess what, you have a right to a public defender. Not a right to Johnny Cockrin.  So if we apply this analogy to medicine, you’d, in a very best case scenario, have the right to an intern. That’s it. Nothing more. You get what is given to you and you make the best of it. Don’t want to be “defended” by an intern? Maybe you shouldn’t have murdered that tripple Whopper with cheese.  Just sayin’.

About ER Jedi

I’m a resident doctor in Emergency Medicine and I’ve learned during the past few years that 1) I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences 2) I have a very bad short-term memory. So this blog is just a place for me to write about some of these experiences, from the ER, medical school, the wards and life in general. At least that way I’ll have some idea as to where I’ve been all this time. A scrap-book of sorts, a place to vent, organize some clinical tools and post a few good songs I’ve heard along the way.

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  1. Oooooohhhh!! You’re gonna get soooo flamed! You’re right, of course — the “right to healthcare” is the only right that involves a positive claim on someone else’s labor. And, as such, it’s invalid.

  2. Look forward to your blog every evening before I log in (again) to my own emr to finish up the charts that have piled up today. It is reassuring to know that I am not crazy and that if I do go crazy in this business, I will not be alone. IM has become the first and last stop for every health problem known to man. Insurance companies don’t want you to see a specialist (they cost too much) – see your primary. Insurance won’t cover your drugs – see your primary. Your specialist won’t schedule acutes – see your primary. You want to see a specialist – see your primary for a referral . You just had surgery and have a raging fever – see your primary first and if they don’t find anything wrong maybe the surgeon will see you but only after your primary gets you an auth. Your cardiologist increased your Lasix to 80mg/d and your potassium is 2.0- see your primary. And when all else fails or it is after 6 p.m., go to the ER but do not take your med list (they always remember however which narcotics they need). From – It’s Tues in Fl and I am disgruntled”.

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