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>Remember this when its your turn to graduate and make a few bucks

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About ER Jedi

I’m a resident doctor in Emergency Medicine and I’ve learned during the past few years that 1) I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences 2) I have a very bad short-term memory. So this blog is just a place for me to write about some of these experiences, from the ER, medical school, the wards and life in general. At least that way I’ll have some idea as to where I’ve been all this time. A scrap-book of sorts, a place to vent, organize some clinical tools and post a few good songs I’ve heard along the way.

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  1. >Those shirts look so great! Congratulations once again! Do we get to see a pic of you in yours? "If i could turn back time…."

  2. >Maybe… I'm still deciding what to do about the whole anonymity aspect of this blog. I'll make that call after intern year starts and I see what sort of things I end up writing about at that point. I want to be able to put my name (and my ugly mug) on this blog, but I just want to make sure my program isn't going to have a problem with it first.

  3. >i highly doubt you have an "ugly mug"!

  4. >If you choose to go anonymous, take inspiration from SciCurious!

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