>Cure for Stinky Feet in the ED

>1) Double bag the offending stinky socks, etc.
2) Make up a mixture of warm water, betadine, peroxide and hibiclens,
3) Soak two towels (or even pillow cases if laundry hasn’t brought you towels), and wrap each foot in one of said soaked and loosely wrung out towels, then wrap each foot with a blue pad. After 15 or 20 minutes the offending feet are much more fragrant.

This procedure really doesn’t take long and is a win-win for both the patient and anyone else around.

About ER Jedi

I’m a resident doctor in Emergency Medicine and I’ve learned during the past few years that 1) I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences 2) I have a very bad short-term memory. So this blog is just a place for me to write about some of these experiences, from the ER, medical school, the wards and life in general. At least that way I’ll have some idea as to where I’ve been all this time. A scrap-book of sorts, a place to vent, organize some clinical tools and post a few good songs I’ve heard along the way.

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