>Pay Attention Please

>I want to preface this by saying, I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, I really do. If I have a row of stores, Dunkin, Starbucks, Tim Hortorn’s, or anywhere else, I’d walk into the double D. And every fall, they have pumpkin flavored coffee, which simply put, is the highlight of the caffeinated year.

I ALWAYS say the follwing, every time I order. “Medium pumpkin coffee, cream and 2 equal.” And without fail, regardless of the cashier, they always repeat back, “Medium coffee, cream and sugar”. C’mon, pay attention here. I know most people order cream and sugar and don’t get all crazy with their coffee flavors like I do, and I know you are cued to assume sugar when you hear cream, but just try to keep you attention on what I am saying for the full 1.5 seconds that I am ordering.

About ER Jedi

I’m a resident doctor in Emergency Medicine and I’ve learned during the past few years that 1) I’ve had some pretty amazing experiences 2) I have a very bad short-term memory. So this blog is just a place for me to write about some of these experiences, from the ER, medical school, the wards and life in general. At least that way I’ll have some idea as to where I’ve been all this time. A scrap-book of sorts, a place to vent, organize some clinical tools and post a few good songs I’ve heard along the way.

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